Known for providing traditional Japanese performances and cultural art exhibits, the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC, or the Center) is one of the Festival’s major indoor venues, located at 1840 Sutter Street. Over the first three days of the Festival, visitors will be surrounded by authentic performances of both classical and folk dances in traditional costumes. For music, both classical and modern pieces are performed on traditional Japanese instruments, such as the koto and shamisen.

The JCCCNC building also provides venues to display exquisite examples of crafts—Ikebana flower arrangement, bonsai and suiseki, shishu (Japanese embroidery), and washi ningyo (intricately detailed paper dolls). Visitors can join the Ikebana and shodo (calligraphy) demonstrations, as well as request for a takeaway souvenir with your name and a favorite word written by the calligraphy group! You can also try your hand at karuta, a poetry card game. All activities are FREE to the public and performed by volunteers. Make sure to stop by the JCCCNC!

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