Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

The Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival® (NCCBF) is one of California’s most prominent celebrations of Asian traditions.  Each year, over 220,000 people attend this dazzling display showcasing the vibrant colors and grace of the Japanese culture, and the rich heritage and diversity of the Japanese American community.  Please join us as an attendee, volunteer, and/or sponsor of this popular Japanese American community event.

All are welcome to join in the festivities as we celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossoms and Japanese and Japanese American culture.  The Festival features Japanese cultural performances, traditional arts, live music, the annual Queen Program, and more.  This event is free and open to the public, made possible by the generous donations and support from our corporate and community sponsors and Festival supporters.

The NCCBF is one of the largest cherry blossom festivals outside of Japan, second to the festival in Washington, D.C., and held at one of three remaining officially designated Japantowns in the United States.  This mid-April Festival takes place over two weekends, symbolizing the arrival of spring and cherry blossoms in the famously fog-shrouded San Francisco.

2023 Executive Committee

Quillan Rusky, Festival Co-Chair
Matt Nagatomi, Festival Co-Chair
Yuki Nishimura, Executive Committee Secretary
Tomohisa Mori, Fundraising and Sponsorship
Yumiko Ishii, Consulate General of Japan
Ryan Okada, Consulate General of Japan
Carol Kawasaki Wong, Japanese Chamber of Commerce
Aya Dorwart, Japanese Chamber of Commerce
Wayne Chin, Logistics
Vince Ushikubo, Logistics
Yoshi Windle, Logistics
Aki Nagatomi, Info Booth
Karen Kai, Info Booth
Greg Viloria, Public Relations/Marketing
Stephanie Gee, Arts & Crafts
Elena Nielsen, Cultural Groups
Naomi Takahashi, Cultural Groups
Wayne Leong, Webster Street Stage
Bradley Menda, NPO Food Bazaar
Melvin Kon, NPO Food Bazaar
Cara Mia Barnacascel, Sapporo Beer Booth
Grant Tsuji, Sapporo Beer Booth
Wayne Yoshida, Grand Parade
Shingo Tanaka, Grand Parade
Kentaro Takeda, Taru Mikoshi
Seiko Fujimoto, Japan Groups
Yuka Walton, Queen Program
Maya Hernandez, Queen Program
Benh Nakajo, Queen Program

Festival Advisors

Kiyomi Takeda
Richard Hashimoto
Allen Okamoto
Shinichi Seino

Fiscal Sponsor

Sakura Matsuri, Inc. is the fiscal sponsor of the NCCBF.

Community Supporters of the Festival

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