Food Area

The Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival food area is a crowd favorite. The block along Webster Street, between Post and Sutter, is solely run by non-profit organizations. You can find the best of Japanese outdoor festival foods prepared by heart of the Japanese community. All proceeds benefit each organization.

This year’s participating non-profit organizations and food items include:

BCSF Troop 29 – Silly Spuds (Fried Potatoes)
Boy Scouts Pack & Troop 58 – Spam Musubi & Hawaiian Sun
Church of Perfect Liberty – Spam Musubi
Clarendon JBBP PAC – Udon
HCCNC – Dole Whip – Soft Serve
Hokka Nichibei Kai – Ice Cream, Pot Stickers
Hula Sistahs – Kalua nachos/butter mochi
Japanese Community Youth Council – Lumpia, Fried Pot Stickers, Deep Fried Oreos, Soda and Water
Kagami Kai – Shave Ice
Kimochi, Inc. – Teri-burgers
Konko-Kyo Church of San Francisco – Imagawayaki/ice coffee
Pine United Methodist Church – Wafudogs (gourmet hot dogs w/ Japanese-style toppings), Soft Drinks, and Bottled Water
Reacts Ministries- Tamasen (Japanese Shrimp Cracker w Egg)
Rosa Parks Elementary School Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program – Sakura Popcorn (kettle corn w/furikake and arare)
San Francisco Unified Lions Club – Mini Donuts, Poke Bowl Tuna
Soko Taru Mikoshi Ren – BBQ Eel & Beef Donburi (rice bowl) & Tea
Soto Mission of San Francisco – Takoyaki

Sapporo Beer Garden

The Sapporo Beer Garden serves thousands of visitors every year. Beer flows from a few serving points at the Festival. Enjoy a beer with your food and listen to the music beating from the Webster Street Stage.