The Webster Street Stage began over 25 years ago to promote the San Francisco Bay Area’s contemporary musicians and performing artists. It has provided Asian Americans and entertainers of various backgrounds a venue to showcase their talent. The stage lineup has always been exciting to watch with a variety of popular music, including classic 80’s and 90’s hits, Top 40 music, acapella, blues, disco, jazz, hip-hop, pop rock, R&B, reggae, and soul!

There is no scheduled programming for the Webster Street Stage in the 2021 Festival, but we hope to bring this stage back to a future in-person Festival. We invite you to replay Bay Area R&B and hip-hop cover band, Playlist in the 2020 Virtual Festival.

At a future in-person Festival, come out to the Webster Street Stage, located at the intersection of Post Street and Webster Street! Dance along to electrifying music right by the stage, enjoy festival food offerings at the Food Bazaar, and sip a refreshing Sapporo beer while you enjoy live music!

Jest Jammin’ at the 2019 Festival, photo by William Lee