The NCCBF Food Bazaar is a crowd favorite.  Visitors can taste the best Japanese outdoor festival foods prepared by various organizations from within the local Japanese community.  The NCCBF Food Bazaar is unique in that all food vendors are non-profit organizations; for-profit, commercial food vendors and food trucks are prohibited.  All sales directly benefit the individual groups, each of which provides much needed public services to our community. 

We would like to recognize the non-profit organizations who had committed but were unable to participate in the 2020 Festival due to the cancellation and the state-wide shelter in place order.  We hope that you may find opportunities to support these organizations in the future when the local and global situations improve. 

Please continue to stay safe, be inspired by these groups’ offerings, and support our local organizations! Should you find past photos of NCCBF food and drinks, please tag your social media posts with #nccbf #blossominplace #npofoodbazaar and the NPO group names. We appreciate your virtual support.

Asian Firefighters AssociationRibletsThe AFA (Asian Firefighters Association) is an employee group of the San Francisco Fire Department. It is made of mostly firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs of the SFFD that want to affect positive change in the Asian community. The AFA is a community-based organization that focuses on the Asian community through the volunteerism of its members.
Boy Scouts Pack & Troop 58Spam MusubiTroop and Pack 68, the predecessor to Pack & Troop 58, began on October 12, 1939, under the sponsorship of the Konko Church of San Francisco. Pack & Troop 58 was reinstituted on November 11, 1948, after the Japanese community returned to San Francisco. Now Pack & Troop 58 has become fully integrated with the Japanese community, becoming assimilated into American society and its scouts coming from all ethnic groups and communities.
Church of Perfect LibertySpam Musubi
Clarendon JBBP PACKitsune udon (hot and cold)The Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program was founded in 1973 to enrich the multicultural educational opportunities available to children in grades K-5 in the San Francisco public school system. The JBBP promotes educational excellence while fostering an appreciation of international diversity. It is one of the few public elementary school programs in the nation where children can learn about Japanese culture and language.
Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California (HCCNC)Kalua Pork SlidersHCCNC connects Hawai’i expatriates in Northern California through seminars and networking events to help advance their business and careers.
Hokka Nichibei KaiIce Cream & Potstickers
Hula SistahsKalua Pig Nachos & Butter Mochi
Japanese Community Youth Council
Lumpia, Deep Fried Oreo, Deep Fried Gyoza, DrinksJCYC is a San Francisco-based children and youth non-profit organization, which provides a broad range of child and youth development services. Established in 1970, JCYC has become one of San Francisco’s most successful youth organizations. While still committed to children and youth from the Japanese American community, JCYC has evolved and grown into an organization, which annually serves over 5,000 young people from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds
Kagami KaiShave IceKAGAMI KAI is a mochi tsuki (or pounding) group based out of San Francisco, CA. They were founded 20 years ago when a few of their members missed the taste of fresh mochi and decided to start making them. The group has evolved into a performing group dedicated to preserving the community, traditions, and camaraderie of mochi tsuki.
Kimochi, Inc.Teri-BurgerSince 1971, Kimochi has provided sensitive, Japanese language-based programs and services to 3,000 Bay Area seniors and their families each year. Services include transportation, referral and outreach service, health and consumer education seminars, healthy aging and senior center activities, social services, congregate and home-delivered meals, in-home support services, adult social daycare, and 24-hour residential and respite care.
Konko Church of San FranciscoImagawayaki Pastry & Ice Matcha drink
Pine United Methodist ChurchWafudogPine United Methodist Church holds Japanese-language services at 9:45 a.m. and English-language services at 11 a.m. on Sundays. Pine UMC, acknowledged as the “mother” church of all Japanese American Methodist Churches in the U.S., was formally founded in 1886 when Dr. Merriman Harris arrived from Japan.
Reacts MinistriesTamasen (Egg and Shrimp Cracker)
Rosa Parks Elementary Japanese Bilingual Bicultural ProgramSakura PopcornRosa Parks JBBP is a unique public elementary school program that offers authentic instruction and experiences in the Japanese language and culture taught by native speaking sensei and a dedicated staff. They benefit from the rich, multicultural assets of our Western Addition location and neighboring Nihonmachi, JBBP’s founding community.
San Francisco Unified Lions ClubMini Donuts
Soko Taru Mikoshi RenUnagi Don & Gyu DonEvery April, the Soko (or San Francisco) Taru Mikoshi Ren carries their Mikoshi down the streets of San Francisco’s Japantown for the finale of the NCCBF’s Grand Parade. The SF Taru Mikoshi has been the highlight of the NCCBF since the Festival’s inception in 1968 where 25 people carried the Mikoshi. It has grown since then to its current style with double elevated platforms and double layers of four sake barrels, one barrel on top, and a recently acquired enormous Hoh Oo (Phoenix). The Mikoshi weighs over 2,000 pounds and requires 140 to 160 people to carry it. Members of the public are welcome to join the remarkable ceremony where shaking this portable Shinto shrine is thought to spread the benefits of the god/ deity’s power.
2020 Food Bazaar