Since the late 20th century, Japanese pop culture has become a modern global phenomenon of influencing media, music, fashion, and lifestyle. Cultural highlights include Japanese cinema icons like Godzilla and Pikachu, good variety of Japanese television shows and dramas, anime and manga from the classic Sailor Moon to the newest Demon Slayer, eclectic J-Pop music and karaoke bars, entertaining retro and new video games from Pokemon to Animal Crossing, popular Japanese idols, trendy Japanese street, cosplay, and lolita fashion styles, kawaii Purikura sticker photo booths, martial arts like judo and sumo, and popular Japanese cuisine from sushi to yakitori!

Japanese pop culture forms reflect classical Japanese arts, aesthetics, and traditions, as well as gain inspiration from western influences to produce fun entertainment for contemporary Japanese and enthusiast audiences, to provide opportunities to escape from the everyday realities of modern life. Find Japanese pop culture activities, contests, and performances at the Japantown Peace Plaza Stage and the Grand Parade.

Meet Sakura 360 Chair and San Francisco Japantown’s Sailor Moon, Tsukino Mari in her 24 hours with Sailor Moon blog.

Anime Costume Parade
Anime Costume Parade in 2019 Festival