Congratulations to all of our raffle prize winners! Thank you so much to everyone for supporting our festival by purchasing tickets and thank you also to our wonderful sponsors and donors. It is through your generosity that we are able to continue this annual tradition! If you won a prize, please contact Kiyomi at

2022 Raffle Winners

LevelPrize NameWinner NameTicket #
Grand2 Round Trip Tickets to Japan Courtesy of IALJoyce Wong00235
12 Round Trip Tickets Anywhere in North America aboard
United Airlines Courtesy of Kintetsu International Express
Derek Wong14561
2San Francisco Japantown Package Bill Stipinovich 13333
3O’lukai Merchandise Certificate Anthony Escobar00087
4Japantown Sweets Package Anthony Escobar00085
56 Degrees of Hapa Daruma Star Wars Pack Tanisia Greer16196
6SFMillinery Gift Set01886
7Old River Design Gift Set Mai Nguyen00750
8CBF Kawaii Vendor Fun Pack Paisley Neyman13107
92 Nikonina T-shirts Haj Matsukata02724
10Home Fragrance Gift Set (Large) Chris & Kim Cruz00661
11Home Fragrance Gift Set (Small) Harry Thoemmes12999
12Kota’s Kreations 12-18mo Jinbei Matthew Robinson02917
13$50 Certificate Glam Up Merry Nishimura05408
14$50 Certificate Glam Up John Hansen04000
15$50 Certificate Nepenji Japan Center Beauty Clinic Johnson (Paina)00909
16$50 Certificate Nepenji Japan Center Beauty Clinic Ace Tam12970
17$50 Certificate Tokaido Arts Yuna Kwon13823
18$25 Certificate Asakichi Randy Woo10641
19$25 Certificate Asakichi Thomas Jeffrey01895
20$25 Certificate Papertree Lucy An03892
21$25 Certificate Papertree Mark Plott12308
22$25 Certificate Katachi Anthony Demayo 13297
23$25 Certificate Katachi Tina Chen03969
24$25 Certificate Sakura Sakura Carolyn H13758
25$25 Certificate Sakura Sakura Lia Kantor13977
26Pigs Fly Mobile Yusuke Yabumoto04051
27Nishimura Designs Sterling Silver Necklace + Greeting CardKei13459
28Nishimura Designs Sterling Silver Necklace + Greeting CardAnne De Campo13078
29Nishimura Designs Sterling Silver Necklace + Greeting CardDenisha Mason0831
30Chibi Jay Designs Round Earring Kerwin Berk12905
31Chibi Jay Designs Long Earring Kenneth Fernandez03787
32JP Design – Jade Bracelet Trisha Guerra13260
33JP Design – Jade Bracelet Maria Medina01809
34Trimitive – Kokeshi Bag Nina Myers16328
35Lily’s Bonsai – Lucky Bamboo Gifford Ramos13043
36Lily’s Bonsai – Lucky BambooDaniel Moon11057
373 Fish – Bracelet Assortment + Charm Square – 5 Croc CharmsSachi Mizuhara02386
383 Fish – Bracelet Assortment + Charm Square – 5 Croc CharmsKathleen Gamban02953
393 Fish – Bracelet Assortment + Charm Square – 5 Croc CharmsRobert Hsu17403
40Hiroko Kurihara Accessory Set Bowan Keeslar13829
41Sakura Sakura – Two T-shirtsTanisia Greer16280