Hiki Gatari Japanese Folk Songs
Japanese Enka and Folk music by Kinjiro Shiomi
I, Kinjiro Shiomi, born in 1949, am a construction carpenter’s leader of Nobeoka-city, Miyazaki-prefecture (Kyushu Island) in Japan. My hobby is hunting and patrolling on the mountains bikes as wildlife conservator.
In 2016, I received an award for the effort from the Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture. I started playing the piano 10 years ago. When I was young, I was longing for Japanese famous singer Yuzo Kayama to play and sing. I am honored to be able to play and sing in front of you. I will show you Japanese Enka and Folk Song.

Sachiko Takahashi & OCARINA オカリナサークル
Ocarina flute music
OCARINA made by burning soil, is a music instrument with a gentle tone. It is derived from OCA (goose) in Italy. I, Sachiko Takahashi, am presiding the music school in Sendai, Miyagi and teaching Piano, Keyboard, Violia, Taishogoto and Ocarina. In this cherry blossom festival, 18 people from 20 clubs I teach will participate and also I will play with Triple Ocarina where three octaves range with them. I am performing at the Sendai Street Jazz Festival held every September and Miyagi prefectural lobby concert. Last August I held a concert in the Republic of Palau in the South Pacific. We are very much looking forward to playing at this Cherry Blossom Festival. Everyone, come on, please enjoy.

Senju Kai Hawaii
Okinawan Dance Academy by Shihan and Artistic Director Frances Nakachi Kuba
Tamagusuku Ryu Senju Kai Frances Nakachi Ryubu Dojo, is an Okinawan Dance Academy in Hawaii which was established 21 years ago under the direction of Frances Nakachi Kuba Sensei. Their mission is promoting, preserving and perpetuating over 500 years of rich Okinawan culture and traditions through their dance.
Through their heartfelt artistry, they strive to enrich lives, inspire hope and bring joy. The academy is dedicated to cultivate and nurture individual talents and potentials, bridge communities and build everlasting friendships and family.
Currently, there are approximately 30 students and their age ranges from 3 to 78 years young. All the students could not make it this year however, would like to participate in the near future. The academy has been active in promoting Okinawan culture by performing not only in Hawaii but performing in Japan, Okinawa, Washington and New York.
This is their first time in participating in the Sakura Matsuri in San Francisco and are very excited to be part of this auspicious event. They look forward in working together in sharing this culture of joy and building everlasting friendships.
The Academy would like to thank you from the bottom of their heart for this opportunity to share the Okinawan culture. Ippee Nihee deebiru! (thank you in Okinawan)

Japanese Recoding Artist
TiA signed a contract with Epic Records when she was just 16. She became famous for her song “Ryuusei” which was one of the ending theme songs in NARUTO. TiA received a Gold Disc Award for her first album and recently released her new single, “Galaxy Ride.” TiA was commended as an IFA United Nations NGO-OCCAM International Ambassador-Singer for her efforts in encouraging cultural exchanges between Japan and the United States.

Eden Aoba Taiko
Eden Aoba Taiko was formed in 1997 to promote the Japanese musical art of Taiko drumming under the direction of Masa Fukuizumi. The group started with 6 people and increased to 50 by the end of the year. Members’ ages range from 6 years old to more than 80. We believe that Taiko is for everyone, no matter what your age.