Bujinkan San Francisco Dojo

Bujinkan San Francisco DojoBujinkan means “Divine Warrior House” and is an international martial arts training organization headquartered in Japan, at the head of which is the Soke, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. We will do both armed and unarmed demonstrations of our art. And also the most necessary medicine. Weapons practiced in our art include the Katana, 6ft Bo, 3 ft Staff and many more.

Lady Luna

Lady Luna is an independent Hmong-American songstress from Northern/Bay California. She is classified as a pop-contemporary artist who also demonstrates competence with styles of music ranging from traditional Southeast Asian music, jazz, blues and soul. She is currently studying and pursuing a degree in Theatre and minor in Music at San Francisco State University.

2019 Sakura 360 Vendors

  • Aloha – Aloha Popular Hawai’ian street brand
  • Asia Co – Japanese beauty and skin care goods
  • Bishounen boutique – Bishounen (Pretty Boy) Prints and Posters, rare selections.
  • Fanciful Gift – Kigurumi (Onesies), Anime Culture apparel and accessories
  • Harumo Bakery
  • Hobby Fan
  • JPNTOYS – Japanese Anime figures and apparel
  • Kehasuk – Video Game and Anime art prints
  • KritterKlips – Cute animal ears and tails
  • Kidou Hobby Inc – Gundam model kits, other anime figurines
  • Leanne Art
  • Mary Bear Shop – Mary Bear Rilakkuma + Kawaii goods US retail store
  • MojoBakes! – Japanese flavor inspired candies and desserts.
  • P.M.B.Q. Studios – Unique Panda-themed apparel (t-shirts, hoodies), comics, manga, and artwork for all ages.
  • Sakuradragon
  • Toys Logic

2019 Sakura 360 Artists