Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 Schedule

Download the 2018 schedule (PDF)

Raffle Winners

2018 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Raffle Winners (PDF)

Grand Marshal & Community Marshals

Grand Marshal 2018 – Kristi Yamaguchi
Community Marshals 2018 – Dale Minami & Don Tamaki

Performer Profiles

Meet the 2018 Queen and Court

Queen Nicole Tachiki
First Princess Maya Hernandez
Princess Emiri Sakurai
Princess Rachael Mika Kawawaki
Princess Lauren Matsuno

51st Anniversary Co-Chairpersons

Kiyomi Takeda
Allen Okamoto

2018 Cherry Blossom Festival April 14-22- Festival Schedule 2018 Cherry Blossom Festival full schedule Download or print the 2018 Schedule and map (pdf) Get the schedule…
2018 Festival Sponsors- The Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival is made possible by the generous contributions from our corporate and community sponsors, the…
2018 Grand Marshal and Community Marshals- Grand Marshal 2018 - Kristi Yamaguchi Kristi Yamaguchi captured the gold medal in the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France…
2018 Performer Profiles- Dance Azama Honryu Seifu Ichisenkai USA Classical Okinawan Dance Academy by Master Kinuko Mototake Born on Yonaguni, the most southwestern…
2018 Webster Street Stage Performers- The Webster Street Stage began in 1993 to promote Bay Area contemporary musicians and performing artists. It has provided Asian…
Participants from Japan & Hawaii- Hiki Gatari Japanese Folk Songs Japanese Enka and Folk music by Kinjiro Shiomi 宮崎県延岡市(九州)で建築大工の棟梁をしています。1949年生まれです。趣味は、狩猟で宮崎県鳥獣保護員として山間をバイクパトロールしています。2016年には、宮崎県知事からの表彰を受けました。10年前にピアノ演奏を始めました。若い時の日本の有名歌手・加山雄三が、弾き語りしていることにあこがれたのが理由です。今回、桜祭りに参加し、皆さまの前で弾き語りすることを楽しみにしています。皆さまには、演歌とフォークソングを披露いたします。 I, Kinjiro Shiomi, born in 1949,…
Photography Contest – 2018 Winning Photos- Announcing the winners of the 2018 Northern California Cherry Blossom Photography Contest Winner: @jmtram Honorable Mention: @justlai87 Fan…