An Invitation to Share your Stories

from the Asian Pacific American Heritage Foundation

Asian Pacific Americans are living through an extraordinary time as the community is not only facing the challenges of the pandemic, but also a rising tide of anti-Asian hate and violence. APA Heritage Month provides a timely opportunity for this diverse community to connect and share stories. To that end, we invite everyone to participate in the #APAVoices project and post a 30-second video on social media to share stories.

  1. Think about what you would like to share with the community on social media. Suggestion of topics for the 30-second video:
    1) What does being an APA mean to you
    2) An APA who has inspired you
    3) An APA moment that has impacted your community perspectives
  2. Record and upload your message. Using your phone or computer, record and upload your message on your Facebook and/or Instagram account.
  3. Share the recorded message. Tag your video to Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (San Francisco) on Facebook or @APASF on Instagram with the following hashtags:


If you have any questions, please email #APAVoices project director Jack Song at

For more information, visit