Go down the list and take a photo of the items you find or create!
Post it to social media, using the hashtags
How many can you find from our list? 
Submissions will be accepted until April 30th. Happy Hunting!

  1. Your hand soap by the sink
  2. Handmade face mask
  3. Your meditation prop or app
  4. Mochi
  5. Cool stationery
  6. Crafts made during #blossominplace
  7. Comfy slippers
  8. Favorite calligraphy or kanji (桜 / 祭)
  9. Make an Origami Crane or Fan
  10. Foreign currency (bill or coin)
  11. Find apparel with 祭り (“matsuri” or festival) written on it
  12. Any NCCBF t-shirt  **BONUS points for NCCBF Volunteer or Staff shirt!
  13. An official NCCBF poster or program booklet from any year
  14. Your drawing of a cherry blossom
  15. Favorite NCCBF Grand Parade moment
  16. Memorabilia from a prior festival
  17. An artisan in our 2020 Virtual Arts & Crafts Fair
  18. An item purchased from one of the NCCBF vendors
  19. Festival Food You Bought Before
  20. Strike a karate pose (must be in the photo!)
  21. Kikkoman soy sauce of any size or container
  22. A bottle of Tejava or Crystal Geyser drink
  23. Two different Recology bins for your housing unit
  24. TOTO Washlet (real or drawn)
  25. Sapporo beer logo in any shape or form
  26. Japanese Chamber of Commerce’s Grand Parade float
  27. Browse the products by J!NS and select your favorite pair of glasses
  28. Zico Water, any flavor!
  29. Your favorite travel destination operated by Japan Airlines
  30. Recreate the NBC Bay Area logo
  31. Something you learned today from the SF Examiner or SF Weekly
  32. Union Bank branch locations in the SF Bay Area
  33. A previously taken photo in Japantown
  34. Your own drawing of the Peace Plaza 
  35. Photo of purchase from a shop in Japantown (eg. food, t-shirt, plushie)