The Fujiyasu Furisode Kimono Story

Since 1973, the Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen has been gifted a beautiful furisode by the Fujiyasu Kimono Company every year. In fact, most of the Queen Program’s kimonos have been donated by Mr. Seishichi Ato and his successor, Mr. Kazunari Mochizuki, of the Fujiyasu Kimono Company. Their gifts are an expression of gratitude to the Japanese American community who sent food and clothing to Japan after World War II. Read more about the story behind this story and Mr. Ato’s vow to never forget and to give for what he received at

Yuri Nishimura, the 2019 Queen, in her Fujiyasu Kimono.

The Kimono Project

The Queen Program displays all of the beautiful kimono donations the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival has received over the years. The Kimono Project began in 2009 as an effort to archive the pictorial history of the gifts bestowed upon the Japanese American community of Northern California through the Cherry Blossom Festival and Queen Program. To see the gorgeous kimonos from over the years, visit