As we attend to the needs of our families, the workplace, and the local community, let’s not forget self-love!  Have you treated yourself recently? Is there a gift you want to find for a family member or friend? Stay home and check the 2020 Virtual Arts & Crafts Fair to support small businesses!  Today’s focus is our artisans offering accessories, bags, and beauty and wellness products.  

BE ONE – Nikonina

Nikonina™ was created by BE ONE, a San Francisco based Design Studio. The collection was created by chief director Toshi Kume and his staff. His love and passion for the ocean and the tropical atmosphere became the inspiration for Nikonina. Our bags are cute with a unique Urban Island feel. Each bag has a Honu mascot, the Hawaiian Sea Turtle that brings happiness and long life.

BeeFy & Co.

Established in 2011 by creator and artist Menh Voong comes a new brand of iconic art inspired by generations of comics, animation and pop culture. Devotion and passion are instilled in every product, making each piece limited and of the utmost quality. The brand BeeFy & Co continues to develop and grow for your collectible needs!

BonBliss Beauty, Inc.

Bonblissity sells luxury andy inspired hand and body scrubs that transforms to lotion when rinsed off. My work as a dental hygienist demands that I wash my hands dozens of times every day. Unfortunately, squeaky clean hands often become painfully dry hands that lotions simply can’t tame. Being creative in the kitchen made it natural for me to combine some ingredients together and experiment. The “science-y” part of me took me to the internet to research the best ingredients to resolve my issues.

Camerino Pacific Rim Art / Irene’s Original

Designer Irene Arevalo Camerino takes beautiful kimonos and obis, damaged by normal wear, and upcycles them in new ways to preserve them and offer new generations an opportunity to enjoy their beauty and workmanship. She combines her sewing & design skills to create beautiful purses, pillows, wall hangings, and accessories.

Colleen Toland, Inc.

Colleen Toland creates handmade designer jewelry and hair accessories in floral motifs using beads and wires. I have been making my own unique style of jewelry for over 30 years. Thank you to all my loyal followers who have bought and appreciated my work over the years. I love making beautiful things.

Fat Rabbit Farm / Pandi the Panda

Cute and kawaii, character-driven apparel and accessories. You can check out our newest releases online featuring exclusive cherry blossom designs.

Furry Feline Creatives LLC

We create original Japanese-inspired characters in the form of apparel, clothing, toys, bags and other novelty items.

Goo Enterprise

Goo Enterprise created Rice Bag Clothing using fabric we designed. In addition, we produce products sewn in our home of delightful fabrics, which include: Tote Bags, Shaka-Lock Bags, Bags for Walkers, Bibs for both adults & toddlers. We also had some of our art silkscreened onto Tee-Shirts and Aprons.

Kotas Kreations

I will be running the following promotion for the month of April:

  • Free Shipping-Show Specials at 20% off
  • A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Save the Children’s Pippi of Today’s fund. I was really looking forward to being able to donate to this cause with the funds from SF Cherry Blossom as Pippi Longstocking is my childhood hero. 

SF Bay Area handmade children’s clothes and accessories with a focus on modern, organic and kawaii styles. Styles are inspired by my everyday moments with my children.

Little Buddha Baby

Asian-inspired clothing and accessories for infants and children.


Hello! I’m a Filipino American artist that loves to create bright illustrations, wooden charms and vinyl stickers. My main focus presently is my Pre-colonial Filipino Deities zine project, ‘Diwata’. Volume 1 is now ready for people to read!


Piximix is the best friend you never knew you had. Our unique brand of character-driven design was created just to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step and all that other sunshiney good stuff. We’re dedicated to producing the absolute best apparel, accessories, toys, and specialty products that are extremely overactive imaginations can produce.

Sutro Lab LLC Sean

Sutro Lab uses a scientific approach to innovate products to maximize their positive impact on our customers’ Beauty and wellness. Our products (essential oils, bath salts, organic skincare, etc) are derived from natural constituents specifically chosen for the therapeutic properties of their unique molecular compositions.


Trimitive offers a variety of homemade bags, purses, and backpacks in a variety of Asian-inspired patterns.

Visual You / LOKISA

Free shipping on all orders $40+

VISUAL YOU is home to LOKISA, its unique fashion brand, established in 2006. We embroider and screenprint our products here in the U.S. and ship from Southern California. Our online sales are our only source of income amidst COVID-19. We appreciate every single order no matter what size during these difficult times. Thank you for your support. ♡ God bless.

Yume Glass Art

Art clothing & accessories made from kimono and kiln-formed fused glass jewelry.