1975 – Grand Parade | Photo: Dick Osborne with Air News Photos; Courtesy of SF Travel

In 2017, the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary. The festival is known as one of California’s most prominent celebrations of Asian traditions, and as the biggest on the U.S. west coast.

This year’s Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival will be held on Saturday and Sunday April 8-9 (Facebook event) and April 15-16 (Facebook event), it celebrates “A Golden Journey”.

The Grand Parade will take place on the second Sunday (Facebook event).

Months before the festival, we’ve started to collect pictures from the community, and are now ready to share highlights from the last 50 years.

We’ll also share more pictures on our Instagram account.

What was your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments!

1987 – Aikido demonstration at the base of the Peace Pagoda. | Photo: Courtesy of SF Travel
1975 – A float-enthroned couple. | Photo: Courtesy of SF Travel
1971 – Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka | Photo: Courtesy of Taiko Dojo
1968 – Taru Mikoshi
1969 – Michiya Hanayagi Japanese classical dance group.
1978 – Grand Parade | Photo: David Toshiyuki
1978 – Nihon Buyo | Photo: David Toshiyuki
1973 – Nihon Buyo dance during the Grand Parade. | Photo: Courtesy of SF Travel
1973 – Queen and Court on JAL Float.

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