Note: Festival applications are open to applicants that provide some relevance to the Japanese/Japanese American community, culture or heritage.

Arts and Crafts | Food Bazaar | Grand Parade | Sakura 360

Arts and Crafts Booth Application

The Arts and Crafts Fair showcases the talent of handcrafted products and designs of artisans from across the country encompassing the theme of the festival.

The Arts & Crafts Fair will be hosted on Buchanan Street between Post and Sutter streets from 11am to 6pm on all four weekend days of the festival. 

Space is limited at the arts & crafts fair and at this point, we are unable to accept any more applications. If you would like to receive information about the 2021 festival, please join our mailing list at

Please contact with any questions.

We appreciate your interest in the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Arts & Crafts fair. If you are still interested in participating in the festival, check to see if the Sakura 360 area is right for you – information is at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, we hope that you can come to the festival to enjoy all that it has to offer!

NOTE: The Arts & Crafts Fair is different from the Sakura 360 area of the festival, and is managed by a separate committee. Sakura 360 is representative of all things in Japanese Pop Culture. They are home to: Japanese Animation, Street Fashion, Video Games, Manga, and more! Please scroll down for more information on how to apply for Sakura 360 if you feel that your products would be better suited to this area of the festival.

Food Bazaar Booth Application

The Northern California Cherry Blossom Food Bazaar area is a wonderful fundraising opportunity for local NON-PROFIT organizations. If your Non-Profit Organization is interested in participating, review the application cover letter for instructions on how to register online and requirements for participation.  Applications with supporting documentation must be received by February 29, 2020, using the electronic submission process.  Questions can be submitted to

Food booths are for “not for profit” community organizations only.  PROOF OF NON-PROFIT STATUS IS REQUIRED.

Information Booth Application

The Non-Profit Information Booth Program is an excellent way to increase your organization’s visibility within the community. With over 50,000 attendees per day, the non-profit information booths are a popular attraction and visited by a majority of festival goers. The non-profit information booths and, more importantly, our partnership with local non-profit organizations is an integral component of the festival. Visit the NPO Information Booth Program page to learn more about the program.

Grand Parade Application

The Grand Parade features over 50 floats and performers from marching bands, civic officials and guest performers from Japan.

Contact us to participate in the next Festival Parade.

Please review the NCCBF Grand Parade Policies and Guidelines before applying.

Sakura 360 Area Booth Application

The Sakura 360 Area will be open for both weekends of the Festival. Vendor booth applications are now open. To apply, please complete the Sakura 360 Vendor Application Form.

Please review the Policies and Guidelines before applying.